This instructables video is an explanation of how I made my eyes glow in daylight at the rugby world sevens this year :D 

The following link will give you a circuit diagram for how the effect is set up, however ratings may vary with different components components.

Please use caution with this affect as it could be harmful to the your eyes.



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    I linked to this on facebook and one of the guys in the group suggested this:

    despite the health concerns. It's possible he doesn't understand LEDs.
    An LED requires current and voltage, so to dim you can reduce current.
    But if you dim by reducing voltage at some point you will be below the
    forward voltage of the string and they will be off. To dim further you
    need to maintain voltage (and current) and reduce duty cycle, or PWM.
    That might help with the migraines."

    You should look into possibly getting those lenses with a UV filter to protect your eyes. UV is extremely harmful to them and you should refrain from using it too often.
    A UV filter probably won't help with the bluish light right in your eyes as that is a longer wavelength. It might tone it down a bit though... but protection is more important.

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    Not if the leds he has are near-uv, 390nm to 400nm, so it wont cause uv damage if they are that range, but yeah having a bright led that close isn't a great idea.

    So, those are special lenses? Are they prescription? Where might one obtain them?

    That's a neat effect, I'd like to see details on how you made it.