Introduction: REAL OCARINA OF TIME!!!(replica)

About: YO!!!! wazzahp? *shakes hands with you* if you have a GameFAQs acoount, u may know me as, THE 1, THE ONLY, ShaperXCreature! (sum1 else) OK, i have been wondering, WHY the HECK did u make ur username what u m...

... well, not really the real ocarina of time, but it will do. i made it outta sculpey!! and now.... ("final countdown" intro)



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    Good job! This looks much better that your other ocarina.

    Pretty well done, can you post a video of it being played? or at least tell us its basic range? also, you need better pictures.

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    seriously? again with the picture q complaints?! and besides, i dont have any devices (besides my phone which sounds like crap) that can record with audio!!