Now a day’s energy is the basic need for socio –economic development in a country. Many necessary function stops if the energy supply become interrupted or stopped.Therefore real time monitoring of the Transformer is very necessary.

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Step 1: Parts Needed

1. Intel Edison

2. Grove Temperature Sensor

3. Transformer Oil

4. Transformer Oil Insulation tester machine

Step 2: Operation

I want to determine the top oil temperature and hot spot temperature(maximum temperature occurring in the winding insulation system) rise.For this I used Transformer oil because it is not possible to collect data from running transformer as it needs prior permission for proper authority. The step by step process are following

1. Start the Intel Edison board.

2. Connect the Grove temperature sensor with Edison board.

3. Create a channel on Thingspeak(Cloud system,I have already an account on that).

4.Make a programme that will sense the temperature and send the data to thingspeak.

5. Use my mobile phone for WiFi hotspot.

6. Burn the programme on Edison.

7. Take the transformer oil in electrical workshop and using the insulation testing machine spark it thrice.

8. Measure the temperature of the oil.

9. Send data in the cloud (thingspeak).

Step 3: Conclusion

To monitor the running Transformer is not easy in real life so I try to monitor the parts separately.In this project I want to give an idea to monitor a working Transformer so that whenever fault arise it will be fixed quickly.

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    Very useful, thanks for sharing!