RECYCLED JEAN PLACEMATS- Roll Up and You're Ready for a Picinc




Introduction: RECYCLED JEAN PLACEMATS- Roll Up and You're Ready for a Picinc

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These make me so happy:) Why? Well if you aren't happy just looking at these recycled jean placemats let me explain... Repurposing is becoming this happy little addiction of mine and this project uses old jeans, scraps of fabrics, and then topping it off with needle felting (which I also loooove) and using my bedazzler! Wow...oh happy day:) They look great on the table and for picnics you can just add the silverware and napkins, roll them up and you are ready to go.

Step 1: GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES (Makes 2)...

2 Pockets from old jeans
2 Pieces of denim 8 1/2" * 14" each
6 Pieces - 4 1/2" * 45" (or width of fabric) Coordinating fabrics
1/2 Yard Piece of Fabric (for back of placemats)
1/2 Yard Piece of Fabric (for two 15" square napkins)
Size 14 Sewing Machine Needle
Walking Foot for Sewing Machine if available
Cut a 12" * 14" rectangle out of newspaper (pattern piece)
OPTIONAL - Needle felting kit AVAILABLE AT AMAZON - and bulky wool yarn

Step 2: Ready, Set, Let's Go...

Prewash all fabrics

Step 3: Embellish Pockets

First cut back off of pocket.

Step 4: Needle Felt Pockets

For needle felting, be sure you are using a wool yarn ( this is a bulky wool yarn). Place your pocket on felting foam block and then create design using wool yarn. You can pin as you create your design or wait until you are all done. If you are needle felting for the first time please read all the instructions before starting. The needles have really sharp barbs at the ends, these barbs then grab the wool fibers and pull them into fabric.

I held two needles at a time and removed the pins as I poked the felting needles through the yarn to fasten it to the denim. When you are done, gentle scratch at the yarn to make sure it does not easily come up from the denim pocket. If it does, you just need to needle felt it a bit more. I think it is so cool how these needles just pull the wool fibers into the fabric to secure:)

Needle felt second pocket with the same design or what the heck, why not a new design?!

Step 5: Time to Bedazzle...

Now lets add a few more embellishments shall we? :) I had these adorable crocheted flowers in my scrapbooking supplies and the colors worked perfectly. You can purchase these flowers, make your own, or use buttons or patches or even cut cute pieces out of felted sweaters. The pocket is placed lower then a glass would normally be so the little bit of bulk should not matter.

Step 6: Adding Flowers and French Knots...

If you wish to add some French knots and don't know how I found this great clip on you tube...
If you wish to add some bedazzling, oh I hope you will...just eyeball it or make some small marks where you wish to bedazzle and then add your embellishments! Voila!

Step 7: Assembling Placemats...

Cut six strips 4 1/2" * 40" or width of fabric.

Step 8:

TIP: If you are using scraps and need to attach strips, we recommend sewing strips together on a diagonal...

Lay strips perpendicular to each other meeting at the ends.
Mark line corner to corner and stitch along line.
Trim, open, and iron.

Step 9:

Sew strips together using 1/2" seam allowance and the iron.
Layout your rectangular pattern piece on a diagonal, pin, and cut. Repeat and cut 2nd rectangle.

Step 10:

Sew stripped piece to denim with 1/2" seam allowance.
Attach embellished pocket to bottom of denim strip. Be sure to leave room for seam allowance on outside edge.

Step 11:

OPTIONAL: Cut a piece of flannel or thin batting the same size as the top of your placemat if you wish to add little padding to your placemat.
If you are using padding, layer that down first. Then layer the fabric for the back of your placemat, right side up and then lay the front of your placemat right side down. NOTE: The picture above shows the layers but be sure to flip the top of your placemat so it is right side down before you sew.
Pin layers and sew together starting on side of bottom using 1/2" seam allowance. Stitch around, leaving 5" opening at bottom to turn.

Step 12:

Trim each corner.
Turn placemat right side out and press.
Stitch bottom closed by hand.
4. For napkins cut two 15" squares. Fold edges in 1/4" twice, press, and then stitch along edge with sewing machine.

Step 13: Enjoy More Recycled Jean Projects...

Just bip on over to Joyful Daisy to see step by step tutorial at...

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See you soon!

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    6 years ago

    Lovely idea :)

    Joyful Daisy
    Joyful Daisy

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks:) I just pulled out some more scraps to make a couple more for a gift I need next month!