RECYCLING Light Bulbs | 2 Life Hacks !

Introduction: RECYCLING Light Bulbs | 2 Life Hacks !


Step 1: To Do a RECYCLING Light Bulbs You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you 2 super hand made ideas for cottage or for room or house decor amateurs!

Step 2: Don't Hurry to Throw Away a Burned-out Light Bulb Because It Is Possible to Give Her a Second Life, However It Will Acquire Absolutely Different Meaning.

A super extraordinary beautiful and creative hanger for your house or cottage can be made with an incandescent lamp.

Step 3: There Are Many Ideas of Making Things Out of Incandescent Lamps Depending on Your Fantasy and Your Desire to Make Something Beautiful, Creative and Extraordinary!

Step 4: Be Creative!

Create unusual ideas and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals!



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    4 Discussions

    Nice idea, but what happens if the glass cracks and/or breaks?

    1 reply

    I've seen a different hack where, after the cement is done, the guy breaks the glass off to avoid future accidents.

    Fantastic idea!
    It would be nice if you actually described all steps instead of forcing readers to view video. What powder are you using? What is in the syringe?

    I can see this being a great door/draw handle