Well I was working on a project and I needed some scrap plastic. So I was looking around and I knew I still had a lot of left over DVD cases left from back in the day. Well, after I cut out a flat section I saw what was left so here is how to make 2 FREE Wire Management Holder and a CD Holder for Binders. There are several major makers for stick on pockets and CD holding sheets for 3 Hole Binders, but this is FREE.

Step 1)Get an old DVD Case
Before there was Streaming , there used to be Movie Rental Chains and that was a good outlet for grabbing all there cases they were going to throw out. (not much social engineering was involved, they were going to toss them anyway), but if none are left you might still have some old ones you were going to toss anyway.

Step 2) Cut Case
Use good shears and it cuts like butter.
WIRE MANAGEMENT CLIPS - Cut around booklet holder clips . make sure you leave a good base for double sided tape.
CD HOLDER for BINDER -  Cut at the LEFT most bend toward the book page. Use a Hole Punch or whatever to punch 2 holes after marking where you want it in a 3 Ring Binder. NOTE: You are only punching two holes make it level  with top or bottom.
SCRAP PLASTIC FOR PROJECTS - What is left from the Booklet side is thin but good for small faceplate or whatnot for electronic projects.

In the Final picture is just to show you not all cases are the same. You should almost always be able to get WIRE MANAGEMENT CLIPS and Scrap Plastic but might not be able to get the CD Holder.

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