(RED) Little Egon





Introduction: (RED) Little Egon

About: I'm Mario Caicedo Langer, from Colombia, former Navy officer and BSc in Naval Sciences. Right now I'm Technical Director and Technology Lead Teacher at STEM - Engineering for Kids Azerbaijan. Also, I'm artis...

Say hello to my little friend. His name is Egon, and is a junkbot with a Sega Dreamcast joystick as body and various red plastic pieces in his head, arms and legs. He turns on his eyes, and loves to see the beautiful "señoritas" walking around and kissing him. He's a ladies bot!

Say "hello", Egon!!!! :-)



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    I'm waiting for somebody to to insert a VMU.

    Always nice to meet another character named "Egon"

    Egon Pavlis aka arcticpenguin

    Thanks!!! But if you want something that really looks like Wall-E, wait for the yellow color! ;-)