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In my never ending search for things to keep me cooler in this desert area of Midland Texas  the most popular ice chests in the aread ( 7 day cold) are extremely expensive ($650 ) yes i typed that correct $650 ! 

I got to thinking about it one night and decided i could do the same concept with stuff i already own . ( although I had to buy one or two things. But really who's counting ? )
I wish i could show you pictures of the finished project right now but it is raining here for the first time in like 5 billion years and I am not going to go out there in this stuff. 

a few notes on the items . 

4x8 sheet of plywood (slightly damaged @ $15.00)
1 Can Great stuff ( this stuff is simply GREAT! I love it ! some one remind me to get more to play with . ( around $6.00) 
1 Igloo ice chest . ( already had but I think ran about $5.00 at a yard sale ) 
1 sheet of R-12 insulation 4X8  (damaged so i got it super cheap $10.00)

measure the ice chest then build a box using those measurements . Get angry and toss box back in the garage and start New , this time measure for the ice box and THE insulation . ( around 29 inches i think it was. ) 
build box with nails and hammer making sure you do not hit thumb or any other body part with hammer ( you just got to trust me on this one ) 

If you notice the lid on your cooler is hollow!! I had never thought of it being hollow but it is . I simply took a nail and hammer and punctured a hole on the right side large enough for the nozzle of Great Stuff to fit in . ( side note : To keep from giving yourself ,your dog,your cat, and every one else in the immediate area a heart attack , Make a hole on the opposite side (left ) from your hole . 
Great stuff Expands like Crazy !!!
It is also sticky very very sticky. Cats do not like this kind of sticky. 

let this set for approximately 24 hours. , Right ,! Who are we kidding ,? That will never happen . i think i let mine set for about long enough to get a cold drink . 
place the cooler inside the box with the insulation . place ice inside. set back and reap the rewards of a fine job! ( or cut the grass like my wife made me do . ) 

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    COOL ! (pun intended) I never thought about the cooler lid being hollow, I bet that alone will make a difference


    Reply 1 year ago

    The hollow lid may have been designed as an insulator, similar to a vacuum flask.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It really makes a huge difference ! I had known leaving the thing in the sun was a bad idea , But this helps so much more! also surrounding the entire thing helped tons in this heat !

    I wish i had pictures but i dont until i make a new one and actualy put thought and time into it . (This one is really rough looking ) . Please allow me to make a small list of excuses for the lack of pictures , )
    1,My kid ate my camera.
    2.My dog ate my kid who ate my camera
    3rd thing here
    4 my celll phone is a Apple 15 and the pictures are so clear you can see the otheside of the earth therefore making pictures of this worthless .
    5.sometime soon i will actually remake this project and take pictures .