REMPAR-1 Demonstration (REmovable Magazine Pump-Action Rifle Mark 1)




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Hey guys !!!

This is my brand new gun. I got it to shoot 83 feet.
It's my second most accurate gun (after the Triple S Rifle), It uses a 10 round (or more) removable magazine, and, of course, IT'S PUMP-ACTION !!!

i would like to ask you all to subscribe for more great guns.

Be sure to check out the slideshow and the instructions as well.



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    question, is there any possible way to make something similar to this without it being as wide? including the removable mag and pump action, or did you find it too difficult?

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    it is possible, but i suspect it wouldn't be as reliable as this and it would have to have the pump mechanism go on top of the gun, making it external, while one of my main ideas with this gun was to have the pump mechanism internal. but it is possible, yes. in fact kinetic made (but never posted fully) a pump action a long time ago that was what i just described, having the pump mech externally on top. check it out if you want, it's on a forum topic he posted.


    POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.

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    dude, it is posted... seriously if you see a slideshow or video check on the person's profile if it's posted before uploading comments like this...


    Man that.... is.. coolest gun i never seen before i can not build it anyway because i have not much knex

    AN a big 5*****

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    wow... is it really... omg... oh... my heart... aaaaaahh !
    kidding... anyway, thanks a lot !!! thats an amazing compliment coming from your... well... keyboard, i guess. and i believe you meant sub, not sun lol. thanks for that too.

    You have achieved something Kinetic couldn't, and for that, it deserves credit and you posted it which is a big plus (most of the time people are too Lazy/selfish to post good guns). I'll see how much parts I have I may have to make it 5 layers.

    wow thanks !!!

    though it isn't physically possible for it to be 5 layers without having a stable magazine, and also, 5 layers would mean a 3 layer barrel = FRICTION = strength + range reduction... i'm happy to be proven wrong though... good luck

    lol. that's what i did... notice that the outter shells on both sides (the 7th layers) reach only up to the stock (not including). nothing much to mod there either with the layers... lol. sorry to burst your bubble. trust me, i tried to make it as thin as possible in the most parts i could. thats what i got.

    NOTE: the part of the shell that does reach up to the stock is also needed for the structure of the gun. build the gun, remove it and then see what i mean. lol

    It is, but it's the part I was referring to in the note in my other comment. It has to be there to support the structure of the gun. Also, your comment is my 300th comment.


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    Foof. I made this. Sharir1701. This is one of the best guns I have made. A few things I might comment on. First your instructions are very good, apart from a few bits missing from the end. Can you do some instruction on how to band and reload the gun. I was so dedicated to make this, that I took apart foofs shotgun and my SR-V2 to build this, and I am running out of green connectors. This gun is the best!!


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    Thanks a lot ! Wow you really took down your srv2 for this ? What is missing from the end ? I'd be happy to post anything to help you out. Did you figure it out, though ? Ok, so I'll post some pics showing how to band the gun, but what do you mean how to reload ? Just pull back the pump until the trigger pops into place...