RENDANG: the Spicy Food From Indonesia



Introduction: RENDANG: the Spicy Food From Indonesia

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Did you ever hear that name?

It is a traditional food from Indonesia.

Rendang (we also call it Randang) is a very spicy food. Not spicy, not rendang.

I believe that "for you" making Rendang is easier than say the name. Haha, just kidding.

By the way, are you ready? Sure!

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Step 1: You Need

Beef (cut it into dices)

Coconut milk (I use the instant one)





Chopped galangale

Bay leaf

Vegetable oil

Beef flavoring


Step 2: Grind

Grind the ingredients (chilli, salt, garlic, onion) with mortar and pestle / blender.

Step 3: Fry the Ingredients

Fry the grinded ingredients.
Add the bay leaf into the fry pan.

Put some sugar and beef flavoing.

Put the chopped galangale into the fry pan too.

PS: Cook it slowly.

Step 4: Still in the Fry Pan

Put the beef into the fry pan
Add water, don't too much don't too a little. (it helps you to make the beef softer).

Make sure the water is tasty (Don't add too much sugar/salt).

Wait until the water lessened/subsided (the beef will softer and the taste is absorbed into the beef.)

Add the coconut milk, keep cooking for a second.

PS: Cook it slowly.

Step 5: VOILA


Better you eat rendang with hot rice.

Step 6: FINISH

Thank you for looking my work.
Hope you'll make it better.

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