How to Uninstall a CUSTOM FIRMWIRE From Your Psp and Install a OFFICIAL 1.5 Firmwire.





This is designed to remove custom firmware easily and restore a classic 1.5 firmware back to your psp. Most people know of the famous pandora battery technique which will unbrick and/or downgrade a psp's firmware. What I was not aware of is that the pandora technique in not necessary to downgrade from custom firmware psp's. So in case there are others like me,I thought I would share my knowledge.


As all disclaimers say. I am not responsible if something goes wrong.yada yada yada. watch out for the ninja monkees. yada yada yada. Do this at your own risk.


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Step 1: What Is Needed.

1. A PSP (with custom firmware on it)

2. A memory stick pro duo (512MB and 1GB have been tested and work fine. I cannot guarantee it will work with other size capacities)

3. A 1.5 Recovery File

4. WinRAR

Step 2: ...and Now... the Procedure,,,

1. Back up all your data on your memory stick as you will be formatting it.

2.Format your memory stick.

3.If you have not downloaded the file from the "what you need step", download it and extract it using win rar.(oh yeah.....install winrar first) =P

4.Connect your psp by going into USB mode.

5.Put the recovery folder into PSP/GAME/

6.Exit USB mode.

7.Completely shut down your psp by holding down the power button or removing the battery (make sure you are NOT going into sleep mode)

8.Press and hold down the right shoulder button while powering on the psp. you will be prompted with a flash screen (recovery mode ,main menu)

9.Select the option that reads Run program at PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP

10.Follow the options as is. "X" to start " "R" to cancel. When done, manually restart the psp by completely shutting down again. Do this by holding down the power button.

11.When powering back on, you will see a blue error screen with lots of words in different languages on it. keep tapping "O" and you will be prompted with the default setup as you did when you first got your psp.

12.That's it your done. I hope this instructable was useful to anyone. Even just one person because then, it was worth writing.

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    78 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The 1.5 recovery file doesn't seem to exist anymore, any alternatives?


    3 years ago

    Hi guys.Could you please help me.i deleted my Psp's firmware and now it does not even start up.

    Please,guide me what to do.


    3 years ago

    hey guys someone can help me to fix playstation network

    on my psp the error says Error 80550F17


    3 years ago

    all games works properly


    3 years ago

    hey guys you can download custom frimware 6.61 and download custom frimware 6.61 pro c


    4 years ago on Step 2

    hey guys....

    i have a 6.60 version on my psp....

    but after updating it to this version my games aren't showing....i tried to update it to pro but when i enter the turns off after few seconds...

    i tried this but when i enter it from the memory stick it says "the game could not be started"..."corrupted data"

    my psp cam is is working so does videos and everything exept my game...when i enter the memory stick it's like it's empty....but i actualy have games in it....

    please help guys....


    4 years ago on Step 2

    i have 6.60 and my games aren't showing in the memory stick....

    i tried to format the memory card and nothing happend.....when i want to upgrade to pro...i enter the pro upgrade then it turns off after few seconds....

    i tried this but i don't know how to make it i can't play games....please help guys....i'm so breaked cause i can't play invizimals and i bought the camera few days ago....


    4 years ago

    Someone please wont let me download the recovery file...i cant restore my psp....


    8 years ago on Step 2

    it did not work so if it does not work for me then it wont work with anybody else good luck for next time you create something else.


     I've been checking out a few "how-tos" before removing the custom firmware and the reason why there's complaints earlier than this posting because this article doesn't explain that this will only work with the original PSPs or  the "PHATS" and that some people would rather have a waaah and blame the poster than try to find out why it failed.
    If those people are incapable of figuring that much out (how many actually mentioned which PSP model they had in the "WAAH" brigade?), maybe they shouldn't have been messing with something they knew little about in the first place but I digress...

    Version 1.5 firmware does not work on the 'Slim" or later models and will 'brick' them.

    All should not be lost if you have the means to reinstall the custom firmware. You'll rarely brick the PSP for all eternity, but you'll make it hard for yourself if you don't have a recovery plan.

    As for reverting to original Sony firmware on a 'Slim' or later, well for now you'll have to keep looking, like I am ;)

    1 reply

     OK, if you have a PSP Slim and either wireless network access to the internet or a copy of the current official firmware saved to some storage medium

    When you check out the system information, if your custom firmware (CFW) is version 3.80 M33 or greater (in my case it was 4.01), then the following edited info from PSPMOD applies.

    If your PSP is not a Slim model and the firmware is not as shown above then do not go any further. Go to the PSPMOD site linked above for further assistance. 

    FInally, before you commit yourself to the following be sure that you do so willingly. I'm not holding a gun to your head.
    You are ultimately responsible for whatever occurs, not me - I am simply relaying info from the other site as a courtesy because this happened to work for me.

    If you are still feeling brave, read through a couple of times and do a 'dummy run' so you're comfortable with the menu thing but don't actually do the disable in step 3 until you're sure you know exactly what to expect.

    Deep breath, here we go....

    1. Turn on your PSP whilst holding the right shoulder-button as it boots until it brings up a DOS-like screen menu with red-lettering highlighting the current menu item (the remaining menu selections will be white)

    2. Using the D-pad, push up or down until the menu item title Configuration turns red, then press the X button

    3. Again using the D-pad, push up or down until the option titled M33 Network Update is highlighted. It may possibly read Enabled.
    Press the X button and the menu item should read Disabled.
    If the option already reads Disabled, then there's probably a good chance that the custom firmware has never been updated by download direct to the PSP and it's still cool to go to the next step.

    4. Highlight Back and click X (back to top menu) then highlight Exit and click X.

    Up to this point, all you've done is to set the PSP's Network Update function back to downloading official firmware instead of custom firmware.

    5. At the end of step 4, your PSP Slim will have restarted. Now using the XMB locate the System Update option under Settings.

    At this stage, the procedure for updating the PSP firmware is standard, either from the Internet via a wireless router or via the memory stick, either way it's a well-documented process which every PSP owner should know and I'm not going to repeat it here.

    In my case, I downloaded direct to the PSP from the net.
    Rev 6.05 needed 28 Mb free on the stick, which I had.
    The firmware downloaded installed and Voila! the PSP is now "Official" again.

    Ok, so to recap, all this procedure does is to make sure that if you have custom firmware which is set to update via the internet, then it is disabled.

    Or put more simply, removing 3.80 M33 or later custom firmware from a Slim is as simple as installing the official firmware!

    Hope this helps!


    11 years ago on Step 2

    i have the same problem... i turn it on and its just a black screen...... and it turns itself off after a minute..... what is this? it needs to be fixed.....

    7 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    What happened is... well... I don't know, But somewhere in your downgrade process you messed up. Go and buy a second battery (it might have to be a specific type of battery, I dont know) and install DarkAlex's programs and put them on another (small) memory stick. You wanna make whats called a Pandora battery and Magic Memory stick.

    is it worth my hastle to do because this psp that i have that has this problem isn't in that great of condition so if this is gonna cost me like $100 dollars to do i might as well just buy a used psp that's working. how much do you estimate this will cost?

    OK well heres what it its you can do this with your current battery and current memory stick, but you'd need to backup your memory stick and its kinda a hassle turning your battery into and not into a memory stick. you only need like a 64mb stick, and a second battery would cost you tho. Do you really want to go back to official firmware? There are really no downsides to custom firmware...


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 2

    you can get a pndoras battery already done for $10 on the internet, and it isnt like some kid is sitting around making pandoras batteries to sell on ebay. it is legit

    well it doesn't really matter to me which firmware i'm on i just want the psp to work. if custom firmware would be easier/cheaper/better then i'll do that. what exactly do you need a second battery for?