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 I wanted to make my Granddaughter a purse for her birthday. I wanted something simple, but with sturdy handles. I first made one for myself with this design, but will make hers  smaller. This uses re-purposed handles from 5 gallon jugs.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

 Materials - Picture #1

(2) Handles from 5 - gallon jugs
Duct tape
Fabric (approximately 1/2 yard each of 2 fabrics)
Thread to match the  fabric

Tools - Picture #2

Utility knife
File (optional)
Sewing machine 
Straight pins

Step 2: Prepare Handles

This is the type of 5 gallon jug I'm using. Picture #1
Use a utility knife to cut the pin connecting the handle on one side and remove it from the jug. Picture #2

Cut off the round hinges with a hacksaw. Picture #3

Cut about 1/8" out of the center of the bottom of the handle. Clean this up to make it fairly smooth with a utility knife or file. Picture #4

Step 3: Pattern

 This is the design I used for this handbag.
The pattern fits an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper.

Step 4: Cut Fabric

 Cut out (2) of each, outer fabric and lining, following the pattern.

Step 5: Sew Top Seam

 Put (1) outer piece and (1) lining right sides together and  sew a 1/4" seam across the top.  I always double seam except for topstitching. Picture #1 

Press open the seam, turn right side out and press down fold on seam. This makes for a crisp fold, with the seam in the middle.

On the wrong side, fold over 1/4" on the straight edge at the top and press down. Picture#2

Topstitch close to the edge from where it starts to slant to the other slant. Picture#3

Step 6: Making the Handle Casing

 Fold the tails in and fold at the top seam wrong sides together. Pin in place and sew a casing 1" down from the top. Picture #1

Press out any creases in the body at this time. Picture #3

Step 7: Sewing the Body

 Pin the handbag right sides together, like fabrics together. Sew 1/4" from the line at the top of the pattern (where the topstitching ends), all around to the other side to the line on that side on the outer fabric. Picture#1

Do the same on the lining, except,leave an opening at the bottom to turn. Picture#2 


Clip the curves at bout 1" intervals and clip where the slanted part meets the straight part at the top.

Step 8: Turning the Piece

Turn the handbag right side out through the opening at the bottom of the lining and handstitch the opening closed. Picture #1

Push the lining into the outer piece and push out all the curves.  
You could probably press the handbag at this point. Picture #2

Step 9: Attaching the Handles

 Take the handles that you've prepared and thread the casing onto one side of the slit. Picture #1

Cut a 3" piece of duct tape and tape up the opening in the bottom of the handle. Picture #2

Slide the casing back evenly over the bottom of the handle. Picture#3

Repeat with the other handle. Picture #4

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