RFID Proof Soda Can Wallet




This is a response to dogsrcool2me's 'RFID Secure Wallet.' It's the same concept, except it's made out of two soda cans and some packaging tape. And it's very sloppy. In fact, I'm quite ashamed of my sloppiness.

I would suggest using duct tape, but I didn't have any around. So, here we go.

You'll need:
hobby knives/scissors
2 soda cans
packing tape/duct tape
felt tip pen
sand paper

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Step 1: Step One

Get a hold of two cans of soda. Either dump them out or give one to your very close, anonymous anarchist friend.

Step 2: Step Two

Cut the cans so that you have two nice strips of aluminum. sand down both sides of the aluminum and flatten them down if you can(I tried. All I did was put them under a big book. It didn't work.)

Cut those two pieces of aluminum in half.

Remember to recycle!

Step 3: Step Three

Wrap your tape around the pieces of aluminum individually, then bind the four pieces of aluminum together into pairs. After that, tape those pieces together so that you have something that resembles a wallet.

Step 4: Step Four

Now, put your RFID card in there and put it up to a RFID scanner and see if it works.
I would appreciate it if someone who has an RFID card an scanner tries this.
Again, sorry about how sloppy this is. I hope it gave everyone a good idea of what I'm thinking.

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    9 months ago

    Cut 2 to fit in the zipper pouch (which I'm going to upgrade with thicker sharks that won't crinkle, and cut a bunch to fit in the card slides and under my ID flap, so I'm shielded even when the wallet is open. *tip* dull edges, and corners with high grit sand paper, or a cheap wetstone, to decrease chances of injury, or damage to wallet. In theory this should work, because I've seen people shield with aluminum foil. Just made 2 shaped exactly like cards for my dad's slim card fold. Tomorrow morning we'll see if the airport has a fit over them.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 months ago

    Dont worry, that card that is showing is a prepay temporary card that's been dead for 3 years. I keep it because it's good for Jimmying a locked door, if I need to.


    3 years ago

    why not just cut a bill sized piece of can and slip it on the outermost part of my wallet where bills go....?


    3 years ago

    I like the concept! I'd make a few tweaks however... For example using the aluminum with folded and pressed edges with fabric perhaps? Or even as other comments suggested; Duct Tape.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    just have to say that you are evil wasting orange soda Evil evil but the wallet is cool thumbs down on the soda but thumbs up on the wallet

    1 reply

    I second that. There are only 2 "Don'ts" in this universe. 1) You never throw a bong kid 2) God help whoever wastes Orange or Grape soda. You've got the beginning of a great idea tho, keep up the good work =)