The "Magni-Case Wallet" (Minimalist Design, Note Functions & RFID Protection) - Made @TechShop

Introduction: The "Magni-Case Wallet" (Minimalist Design, Note Functions & RFID Protection) - Made @TechShop

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

One day after work, I walked into Daiso Japan on Market St, and saw card case.
I purchased it thinking it'd work as a wallet replacement.
I quickly found that something needed to be done to hold cash.
Fast forward:
I joined TechShop and gained access to the End Mill
learned to sew
& came up with ideas

+Cash Band
+RFID Protection
+Highly Customizable
+Notes can be put on the inside (Magnetic or simply with some tape)

Let us see how it's made!

Stainless Steel Card Case (I got mine from Daiso)
Elastic Band
Misc. Magnetic Stuff

1/16" End Mill
Sewing Kit

Step 1: Measure!

Mark 1/8" from the Edge
wide enough to fit the Elastic Band through (mine was 1 1/16")

Step 2: Mill Time.

1/16" End Mill snap pretty easily so be careful.
I found using a moderately high RPM and a slow Feed speed worked the best.

(Tape it close for safe measure!...or not, you know, it's your life :P)

Step 3: Measure That the Hole You Just Milled Is on Point!


Step 4: File That Bish!

Watch for scratches but don't worry too much, they're inevitable.

Step 5: Do the Elastic Band

Burn the ends of the Elastic Band so the thread has something more solid to anchor to.
Fold about 1/4" and use a Back Stitch to secure.
x2 for both sides.

Then use a Overcast Stitch (or whatever stitch you'd like) to secure the ends together.

This was for an order so I thought I'd try my hand at some design.

Step 6: Get Your Magnetic Poetry!

I got the Bike Lover edition

Step 7: Finito!


Included a fortune for the guy.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Normal stainless steel isn't magnetic, check the edges of hole you milled don't rust