RFID Reader With Servo




Intro: RFID Reader With Servo

In this instruction I'm just going to tell you about making a simple circuit with 2 LED's, a servo ,an RFID reader and a arduino uno.

You will need:

- 2 LED (2 different collors)
- a servo motor
- an RFID reader and key
- an arduino uno
- a few wires
- 2x 10kohm resistors
-a breadboard

Step 1: Wiring

The wiring is very simple.

RFID reader:

- RX and TX to pin 10 and 11 respectively ( the position of these pins on your RFID reader depends on the type, therefore I'm not giving a diagram)


- red: pin 8
- blue: pin 7


- pin 9

Step 2: Programming

After the wiring is done you can start to program the arduino.

The goal is to have the servo move and the blue LED light up , when the RFID key passes in front of the coil.

The code is very straigt forward.

It uses the Servo and the SoftwareSerial library to control the servo and the RFID reader.

Step 3: Result

The result of your wiring and coding should be that:

- The servo moves and the blue LED lights up when waving the RFID key in front of the coil.

- After a while the red light goes back on and the servo returns to its original position.

If this is the case, then congratulations.

If not, check the code and wiring for errors, and try again.



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    9 months ago

    hi, i'm new with the arduino... i have a rfid rc522... how should i wire it?

    Wrrr 10-G

    2 years ago

    Open Sesame!


    Cool project. This kind of setup would let you make all sorts of wireless sensors.