RFID Security System With Arduino

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Intro: RFID Security System With Arduino


This project basically teaching how to built a RFID Security System with Arduino.

Reuqired materials:

x1 RFID RC522 Card
x1 Arduino UNO

x1 Breadboard

x2 LED(Red,Green)

x1 Buzzer

x1 Servo Motor


If any quesition and suggestion,let me know from here or youtube comments.

CODES ,library and fritzing from github.com(consist some kind of Turkish words but i also published full English code here):https://github.com/ArduinoHocam/RFIDGuvenlikSistem...

Godd Luck ,Have fun!



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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    The code seems to read any card and lights up green still please tell me what to do to fix it

    Cool project. I really need to try out some RFID projects. There seem to be a lot of potential applications.

    1 reply

    Definetly,however in this project, i have tried to explain basically how it works,after that people can make it better ....This project totally has lots of options to make improve.Good luck! have fun :)