RGB 5050 SMD With PIC12F683 Microcontroller



This is RGB 5050 Color changing SMD Tree
Basic Colors are Red,Green,Blue
Subset of the color create varieties of color etc. pink, green, orange and white
The colors and blinking are controlled by MCU which has been program with
pin GP3 as input and intterupt IOC.
Using PIC12F683 and MPLAB C programming
once button push it change in color and pattern which you programmed already
after 6 time input it goes sleep.
About 27 LEDs.
2pins as channel  for blinking 3 output of RGB
Need some PIC programming, electronic, and C or BASIC
The battery is AA X 3pcs and it last for a week if open only 3 hours/day depending on type of batteries
3 different insulated wires awg 30 to distinguished Red, Green, and blue pin which is anode
all cathode of led are soldered together
The twigs from small tree
used insulated tape to tidy up
the vase is from VCD empty case

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