RGB Box Clock




This is a clock and decorative RGB Led Matrix

It's controlled by a Colorduino Shield and NodeMCU v3 Board using i2C communication.

With Blynk app you can setup the alarm,change colors and other things.

Parts list is:

LoLin V3 NodeMcu Lua CH340G ESP8266 Board 6€ Link

Colorduino V2.0 + 2088RGB-5 8x8 Matrix 10€ Link

Touch Button 1€ Link

Active Buzzer 1€ Link

PLA Printer Plastic 2€

Total price is about 20€

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Step 1: Print the Box

Parts available on Thingiverse

Printing setup:

  • layer resolution 0.15
  • infill of 25%
  • 1.75mm PLA plastic

Supports, depend the part:

  • Frontal.stl > Use supports
  • Trasera_Superior.stl > Designed with part, don't use support generation.
  • Trasera_Inferior.stl > Designed with part, don't use support generation.
  • Frontal_Marc.stl > Don't use supports
  • Frontal_Matriu.stl > Don't use supports

Once printed, remove gently the supports.

Be aware that the bolts holes are done only for Lolin NodeMCU v3, any other board will not fit into the holes.

All box printed parts must be kept together without glue or bolts.

Step 2: Mount the Parts

Everything must fit easily.

For the matrix cover find some kind of plastic sheet or just paper.

Step 3: Programming the NodeMCU and Colorduino

Both are coded on Arduino IDE

For NodeMCU v3 Lolin

You'll need following Libraries

  • EEPROM.h
  • Wire
  • Timelib.h
  • ESP8266Wifi.h
  • ESP8266WebServer.h
  • TimeLib.h
  • Blynk libraries

For Colorduino (or icDuino)

You'll need following Libraries

Use Colorduino.cpp library to have better performance (don't needed, just change the highlighted lines shown at the picture with code)

Colorduino boards and derivatives like icDuino (is what I used) is a Duemilanove or Decimilia MCU, so configure arduino IDE to load the code.

Step 4: Blynk App Setup

Download Blynk App on your phone or tablet

Clone the project with the QR code on the first image.

Step 5: And Play With It

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    Answer 4 weeks ago

    No, sorry :( I don't have the schematics, but following the arduino code is easy to find out how it work.

    The function of the button is to cycle through the different modes of the clock.

    I'll try to do the schematics some day, I don't have time now


    8 months ago

    For the Cables, what type would we need and why aren't they in the part's list you posted? Also, at what points on the components should we connect the cables to?