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Introduction: Head Phone Stand Build

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The idea behind building this Headphone stand is self inspired & i am always try to build something new and unique for my PC desk. i am looking for headphone stand & all head phone stand looks simples and are costly as compaired to their looks so when i see Alien ware logo in different color immediatly idea came into my mind so i start making my OWN........

So here i Go...

Material used

12" X 12" scrap Wooden plank (25.4mm or 1" Thick)

50" X 30" Acrylic Sheet (8mm thick)

4" cylindrical Acrylic rod diameter 2" ( For Neck)

1 Epoxy glue

M10 X 45 CSK Bolt (Steel / Brass) - 6 qty

M10 Dome nut - 6 qty

Silver Foil

RGB 5050 Led with controller

Total cost of making whole project is INR 2100 or 31$ (USD).i have recently finish this project.Tutorial video i will upload soon...

Step 1: Download Alien Ware Logo

First of all download Aien ware logo from Google images after that crop & adjust image size to 5" width and 7 " hight and take 5 print outs on A4 size paper with the help of seassor cut Alien ware logo.

Step 2: Cutting Alien Ware on Wood.

Now take wooden plank and with the help of glue.stick Alien ware logo on wooden plank and cut the plank with the help of jig saw by tracing the outlines of logo for cutting eyes you have to drill hole and enter your jig saw blade into the hole and very precisely cut alien ware eye.it is totaly Jig saw game.after that alienware blank came out and sanding has to be done so that wood grains came out.

Step 3: Hand Sanding & to Check Surface Parallelty.

This is the most hardworking job i have to sand both sides of Alien ware.before sanding mark the side with pencil after that when you will sand higher edge of surface will be eliminated.and after that result is in front of you.

Step 4: Acrylic Cutting

Similarly cut acrylic sheet using same method as cutting wood but you must care that whlie cutting acrylic sheet you must spray soap water on it so that blade may not heat up and cutting will be smooth.

Step 5: Assembling ,glueing,Drilling and Installation of LED.

Next, step is to assemble all parts for that acrylic pieces should be sandwitch between the two wooden alienware blanks and make grooves with the help of router on one wooden alienware blank for installation of LED.after that temperatory stack all piece and drill 10mm hole and make counter on it.with the help of M10 nut tighten all of them with bolt for neck take acrylic rod 2" dia and 4" length.make a arc shape groove for neck with the help of dremal tool.for making stand cut wooden plank into circle shape of 6" in dia similar stack and stick aluminium foil at one side so that led reflection takes place.and after that install led and controller in the base and dont forget to make hole for controller sensor & also make soft blurr all acrylic sheet edges with the help of emery paper.After that apply varnish with the help of cotton cloth & wait for 2 hr so that it can dry & thats it a beautiful ALIEN come alive with a click of RGB remote button.

This is my first post..

Hopes you Like it..i have lots of creative thing in my mind will make and upload soon.

Thanks & Regards

Manish Kumar

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    Far out ;) Nice work!


    2 years ago

    That is so cool....


    2 years ago

    That is so cool....

    Nice! I might have to make a Zelda version of this :) Hey, since it is your first one, you should check out this contest they have going right now. https://www.instructables.com/contest/firsttimeauthor/

    That is really epic! The green LED's make it look really cool!

    Where did you buy the Acrylic-- Can you even buy it online?

    3 replies

    i bought Acrylic from nearest Industrial Material store.online Acrylic price is so high.& if you wanted to buy online you can buy it from Aliexpress.com.

    thickness matters i used 8mm Acrylic sheet and you have search for 1 mm acrylic & Acrylic also come in two types.