RGB Human Circuit




When you touch the leads on this circuit it flashes Red, Green, and Blue.

This Circuit was collaboratively built by Me and my Friend Cass.

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Step 1: Gather Your Parts

You will need:


Breadboard Wires

Arduino (needs 4 I/0 pins

NPN transistor

3 leds (red, green, blue) or and RGB led

3 560R Resistors

1 10k Resistor

Step 2: Build Your Circuit

Step 3: Program the Board

Here is the program:

int readPin = 10;
int ledR = 9; int ledG = 8; int ledB = 7;

void setup(){ pinMode(readPin, INPUT); pinMode(ledR, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledG, OUTPUT); pinMode(ledB, OUTPUT); }

void loop(){ while(!digitalRead(readPin)) { digitalWrite(ledR, HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(ledR, LOW); digitalWrite(ledG, HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(ledG, LOW); digitalWrite(ledB, HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(ledB, LOW); } }

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