RGB LED Serial Control Arduino

This instructable will show you how to control a RGB led with serial monitor.

To send a colour value to the arduino :

first -open the serial monitor after uploading the code.

second -select 'NEWLINE' in the bottom right corner left to the baud rate.

third -type your own hex values and hit enter.


The hex value should be entered in the format R,G,B

Example: 255,0,255

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Step 1: Parts List

1) Arduino uno with atleast three PWM pins.

2) RGB led common anode.

3) Half size breadboard.

4) Jumper wire kit.

5) 3* 220ohms resistor (one for red cathode,one for green cathode another for blue cathode).

6) Computer with Arduino IDE.

Step 2: Connecting the RGB Led to Arduino and Rogramming

1) Place the RGB led on three open rows on the breadboard.

2) Connect the red pin to a 220ohms resitor and connect the end of the resistor to DIGITALPIN3 on the arduino.

3) Connect the common anode pin to 5v on the arduino.

4) Connect the green pin to a 220ohms resitor and connect the end of the resistor to DIGITALPIN5 on the arduino.

5) Connect the blue pin to a 220ohms resitor and connect the end of the resistor to DIGITALPIN6 on the arduino.

6) Upload the code and open the serial monitor and set to 'NEWLINE' and set the baud rate to 9600..

7) Now enter your hex values as R,G,B and hit enter.

NOTE: The maximum value of a rgb led is 255, so if u enter 5000,0,245,, the 5000 will be taken as the maximum value 255 only...

Step 3: Breadboard Layout

Step 4: Arduino Code


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2 years ago

not work for me this code, don't do anything when send the number via serial port

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Hellow. Add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009289167675 and we will discuss about your issue there :D