RGB LED Speaker Ring Install Wetsounds Xs-65 Xs-650



Introduction: RGB LED Speaker Ring Install Wetsounds Xs-65 Xs-650

Thank you for purchasing SeaTough LEDs RGB LED Speaker rings with tweeter lights.

Sea Tough LEDs is built on first hand experiences of boat owners who
wanted a top of the line product that would offer easy installation and outstanding visual effects at a reasonable price while NOT sacrificing quality.

Our rings are made from 1/4" or 1/2" plexiglass and contain anywhere
from 21+ LEDs depending on the size of ring. The light strips are made from IP68 RGB LED strips, which offer the highest international protection rating against dirt and water (same level as an Iphone Lifeproof case). We use 5050 SMD RGB diodes at 60 LEDs per meter to give you the brightest and fullest light available. The lights are equipped with 22 gauge fully tinned stranded wire to resist against corrosion or breaks that would come along with a standard solid copper wire. After the wire is attached to the lights we coat the connections in a waterproof paste preventing exposure to the elements. We then use heat-shrink to finalize the waterproofing process. All of our rings come with a frosted edge to minimize hotspots and create an even glow.

Disclaimer:These instuctions are designed to give you a simple and straightforward installation of your RGB LED rings and tweeter lights. SeaTough LEDs is not responsible for any damage resulting in the installation of these rings to your speakers components or to where you are installing the lights. If instructions and tips on installation are followed the whole process should be quick and easy.

If you are viewing for the first time and would like to purchase SeaTough LEDs RGB ring and tweeter lights follow the link below!

RGB LED Light Rings HERE!

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Step 1: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Remove the Black rubber ring around the speaker to expose the 4 screws that mount the grill to the speaker.

Step 2: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Step 1...

Drill a 3/16" hole just to the right of the speaker terminals. (This is the red arrow)

- The best placement is about 1/4" off of the rib of speaker shown between speaker terminal and red arrow

The blue arrow shows the tweeters speaker wire.

Step 3: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Step 2...

This part will be the most crucial part of the whole installation

Make sure to drill the hole slowly take your time, and avoid putting to much pressure on the bit. If you apply to much pressure you run the risk of blowing right through the plastic and puncturing the speaker. Once this step is completed it is all down hill!

Drill another 3/16" hole directly in line with the first hole but on the ridge of the plastic housing.

The red arrow represents the new hole on the ridge.

The blue arrow shows where the first hole you drilled would be located however, The angle of the picture does not show the hole drilled from step 1.

Step 4: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

The scariest part is over! ( always reminds me of drilling a hole in to the side of a boat for the first time)

Step 3...

Remove the 4 screws that were covered up by the black rubber ring

- Use a #1 bit phillips drive to avoid stripping out the heads of the screws

- Do not lose the screws, keep in a safe place.

Step 5: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

In the photo above take note of the Tweeter speaker cable marked by the red arrow.

Step 4...

Flip the speaker over and carefully remove the speaker grill.

- the speaker grill is not siliconed in so it should just pop right off

Step 5...

The tweeter speaker cable is glued to the plastic grill, you will need to release the hold of the glue, just use your fingers and apply pressure, pops right out.

Step 6: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Step 6...

Remove the white paper backing on the LEDs to expose the tape.

Step 7...

Simply place the ring over the Tweeter. I found it best to have the LEDs go over the tweeter speaker cable, this makes everything lie flat and look really even.

Align the LEDs so that the wire is oriented the same way as the photo shown above with the red arrow. This is so there is not a lot of strain on the wires and they end up fitting in the grill better.

optional (recommended) Although not shown in the picture we reccommend either a small dab of hot glue or silicone to maximize securing the LEDs to the tweeter. Boats take a lot of abuse and the more secure the better

Step 7: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Step 8...

Fish the wire of the LEDs through the 3/16" hole created in step 1.

You can now place the grill back on the speaker... Do not worry about the cables in the grill being exposed at this point.

Make sure that when installing the grill back on you pull the remaining slack of the LED wire through.

Step 9...

Flip the speaker upside down and reinstall the 4 screws that you took out with the #1 Phillips drive.

Step 8: Installing the Tweeter LEDs

Step 10...

Feed the LED wires through the second 3/16" hole you drilled on the lip of the speaker.

Hint: I used a Popsicle stick to make life so much easier when trying to route these wires. Anything will work just make sure it is not sharp (you do not want to puncture the speaker at this point!!).

Pull the cables until the wires lay flat, this will allow you to reinstall the rubber ring.

Once the rubber ring has been reinstalled flip the speaker back over and by using your fingers route the LED wire and Tweeter cables in to the channels of the speaker grill.

* You can add another dab of glue or silicon to help hold. This is not needed as the wires are rigid and fit snugly into the tracks.

This completes the TWEETER LED portion of the installation.

Step 9: Installing the RGB LED Ring

This will take you about 5 minutes and probably does not even need to be written up however, I would like to point out a couple things just for ease of use.

Step 1...

Flip the speaker so the grill is facing down.

Step 2...

Positition the speaker ring as shown in figure 2. Install the ring from the terminals first. Then slip over the otherside.

*Be gentle as the LED lights are tacked in to the rings. We do this so you do not have to replace the whole ring, or If you want to replace with just a solid color that option is available to you.

Step 3...

Position the Ring so the pre drilled holes line up with the Speaker holes. (Image 3). If done correctly the wires should line up with your tweeter wires and the heat shrink should be under or just beside the terminals.

Step 10: The Final Step!!! Connect the Wires.

We are really excited about these quick connect waterproof clips!

This will be the best part of installation for sure so lets finish.

Please please please make sure the wire you will be using to supply voltage is not on.

Color code: You can hook them up however you want but on the rings itself this is how it is configured

Yellow or White- power + 12v

Red- Red (-)

Green- Green (-)

Black- Blue(-)

* You do not need to strip these wires prior to installing in clips*

Install the wire for the tweeter LEDs, Rings and your feed wire as shown in figure 1 ( the wire on the far right is just barely over the second bridge, this is not right. All wires should be even as shown in figure 2

* Notice how the wires go through both of the bridges in figure 2.

Now look at figure 3 the green wire has not fully bottomed out.

MAKE sure all wires have gone through both bridges, this provides the best success of crimping.

Once you have verified all wires are where the need to be simply take your favorite pair of pliers and push down on the red button figure 4 (If you have big hands there are no need for pliers.

Figure 5 shows a properly seated clip and if you look closely at the tip of the red arrow you can see the gel that oozes out to complete the waterproof connection.

Step 11: Enjoy Them!!!

We truly appreciate your business, Thank you so much hope to see you out on the water!!

If you have any questions please feel free to message us on eBay, We will be happy to answer any questions and provide troubleshooting assistence.

Buy your LED rings here!

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