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Hello reader this instructable should show you how to build a really cool RGB-LED-bike for about 50$. I hope you like it, even if my english is not so good.
Things you need:

  • a bike
  • RGB-LED-Strips+ controller+remote
  • 12V battery
  • acrylic glass
  • aluminium tape
  • duck tape
  • some cables
  • switches

Step 1: 1.Cleaning

The first step is cleaning the bike. I used water and soap to get the coarse soiling away. After I had dried I cleaned it with alcohol so that the LED-strips will stick better.

Step 2: 2.Wiring

After I cleaned it I had to cut the strips to the right length and solder them to the cables to get the cable tree ready. My bike looks like the painting below the blue lines should be the LED-strips an the red lines are the 4-wire cables.
Some tips for soldering the strips to the cables:
-use a knife to remove the silicone on the top of the strips or the glue on the back before soldering
-be careful, don't heat it for too long
-don't use too much tin
-make sure that the wires are not touching
-insulate the soldering points (i used hot clue but shrink tubing might be better)

Step 3: 3.Mounting the LED-strips

Mounting the strips is really easy, you remove the cover from the back of the strips and stick them onto the bike. To make sure that it will stay in place you should use a little bit of pressure by sticking the strips on. Secure the cables with cable ties and you are finish.
I have additionally secured the strips on the frame with cable ties, too.

Step 4: 4.Sliprings and Current Collectors

To power the LEDs on the wheels i had to build sliprings and current collectors. I made it based on my ideas I don't know if it will least long but i hope so maybe you can find a better solution. I buildt the sliprings from acrylic glass and aluminium-tape. To cut the tape in round pieces I took a piece of cardboard and stick to peaces of aluminium tape on it to have a subsoil of which I can remove the next layer. I fixed a template on it and cut the tracks out. At last I removed the tracks from the cutting subsoil and stuck it on the acrylic glass circles I had already made. After many trys I found an easy and working solution. I took some cable ties cut them the right size and fixed the cables on it with some aluminium tape and some ducktape. To hold the cable ties in place I fixed them with ducktape.

Step 5: 5.Battery Box

I wanted to have a nice housing for the battery to keep it safe from damp and have some switches and outputs, too so I builded one out of acrylic glass. If someone want more information on this thing i can make a how to on this.

Step 6: 6.Enjoy

Now you have got a beautiful RGB-LED-bike. I hope you liked my instruction and this project a feedback would be great.



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    2 years ago

    Well that looks awesome!


    3 years ago

    You can buy similar, albeit electroluminescent, kits from www.hikari.bike


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there, i gained my inspiration for my bike from this!

    How wave you wired your three strips together? i notice you only have one controller and battery. Are all three strips wired in parallel? if so, do you not get a dimming effect where there is not enough voltage?

    The controller takes 12v and if you wire the three strips in parallel, they each get 4v. this is not enough for most functions, mainly the blues. White is only possible at very low levels.

    Any insight as to how you wired it up would be grateful.

    1 reply

    Hey jibatsu,
    I'm glad that I could inspire someone.
    To answer your question, I wired all 3 strips parallel. You do only get a voltage drop if you wire them in line. I found two pictures on Google that might help you.

    led-streifen-rgb-highpower.jpgRGB Led strip 3.jpg

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very unique and incredible idea. Thanks for the great instructable


    6 years ago on Step 6

    Love the commutator and slip rings! Good Job!

    First: Thank you and thanks for voting :). Yes, I have some more information and photos for you I will add them soon and I hope it will help you out.

    I ordered it on ebay from a german dealer, but I found something for you http://www.ebay.com/itm/5M-5050-RGB-SMD-LED-Waterproof-Flexible-Strip-300-LEDs-44-Key-IR-Remote-/110864929861?pt=US_Car_Lighting&hash=item19d0109445
    It is from hong kong and it will take a while until it arrives but it is favorable and you get everything you need 5m of waterproof strip+controller and remote. The connectors look different, but this is no problem you might have to use some electrical tape to insulate them after you plugged them in. I hope this helps.