RGB LED Cheap and Easy Color Changing Night Light

Introduction: RGB LED Cheap and Easy Color Changing Night Light

 This project was quite easy once I played around and figured it out, which took a while. 

The idea is to be able to change the color with a switch, and have a led dimming options also.  These are the items you will need to complete this project:

2 Pack push button lights found at the 1 dollar store.
1 plastic switch (found inside the above lights) (2 if you want on/off function)
Wire (approx 1 foot)
Standard volume controller can be found in cheap electronics such as a headphone cables (which are more advanced then the one i have, ill get into that later)  or any other device that requires simple volume control...
2 AAA Batteries or 3V equivalent
Electrical Tape

You will need resistors if you are using 5 volts, however you may need resistors with 3volts in order to make the LED last longer, different colors require different resistors, but for this instructable i have left this up for you to decide.

Step 1: Breadboard Setup, Experiment at Will

Wiring it all up
The steps are quite simple, wire it all up and this will product a blue / green when the button is pushed, you can also take the xtra button from the other light and add an on/off switch before the connection to the battery.

 Volume Control
 They are different in each type of electronics and i am not an expert on them, however i do know if you are able to find one with 5 metal prongs on them instead of the three prong that is used here, you can use it to fade to different RBG colors, it takes some experimenting but i have tried it you can fade from purple to red to blue to green etc, depending on how your wire setup is, however i soldered to close to the 5 prong volume control i had and messed up the prongs, so i moved onto the next one i found.

Step 2: Solder the Final Product

 What not to do
As i mentioned on the previous step, don't solder to close to each prong, as you may end up ruining it.

You may notice a metal bracket hanging off the edge of the PCB this was to add xtra support to the volume control, as it needs to be over the edge to fit through the slit in the side of the plastic light to be adjusted. With the three prong volume control it only dims the light.

Step 3: Fitting It All in There

Well its difficult, and you will have to cut a slit for the controls to be used on the outside.

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    the seaker
    the seaker

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    well if youve got 15 bucks, this companies great. http://www.satistronics.com/100pcs-5mm-ultrabright-rgb-tricolor-leds_p1423.html this is 100 RGB LEDs, the only way to get a better deal than this would be to get lucky on ebay.