RGB Led Colors Switcher From Cayenne App

In this my first project with Cayenne App, I seek to control a Led RGB to display color combinations. While the Cayenne App requires an additional module (just buy in a few weeks) to control an analog output (PWM), I have tried to use the digital output, so only 7 colors shall be available (the same is something useful). Besides there is no specific Widget for controlling an RGB LED (as if have Blynk), but I hope this project will help to encourage to create.

Step 1: Stack a RGB Led to Protoboard.

Stack a RGB Led to Protoboard

Step 2: Connect Common Ground (of Led) to Raspberry Ground Pin (#6)

Step 3: Connect Other Led Pins to Raspberry Pines BCM 22,23 & 24. (#15,16,18)

Step 4: Create a New Project on Cayenne App

Step 5: Red Ligth Switch

Step 6: Green Ligth Switch

Step 7: Blue Ligth Switch

Step 8: Red On

Step 9: Green On

Step 10: Blue On

Step 11: Green & Blue On

Step 12: Red and Blue On



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)