RGB Led Ping Pong Ball Lamp




Introduction: RGB Led Ping Pong Ball Lamp

I started of by buying 100 ping pong balls form the local shop or sports shop.

I then messed the led's im going to use then i started to drilled a hole in each of the 100 ping pong ball just big enough for the led's to fit inside the ping pong balls.

I decided to used rgb (red.green.blue) Christmas tree / friary lights witch u can buy from most shops. It came with around 100 rgb led's and came with a handy led controller and power supply that i am still going to use for this project.

Now i'm going to hot glue the ping pong balls together but before i start doing this I am going to find out how meany ping pong balls i am going to use to make a circle or I like to call a ring of ping pong balls. i found out that I can make a ring by using 12 ping pong balls in circle witch gave me 8 rings that i could stack on top of each other to form a pattern. I was left with 4 ping pong balls witch you could be clover and use these ping pong balls and glue these on the top to cover up the led's and controller. I didn't end up doing this for my light.

I used a lid from a container that made a perfect circle of 12 ping pong balls. I then started to hot glue all the ping pong balls together making sure that the hole's for the led's is facing inwards. Once i have made 8 of these rings i was left with 4 ping pong balls so that then determined my calculations wore right.

I then stacked each of the 8 rings on top of each other. I soon found out that they sited on top of each other a bit rough so I turned the rings rings around until they fitted nicely on top of each other to make a stack of rings.

I started to put the led's inside of the ping pong balls making sure the led's wore threaded through correctly when this step happened i stared from the last led at the end of the fairy lights and started at the top ring and worked my way down in a spiral. i was going to glue the rings together but i decided not to just encase i wanted to change the led's or if the led's stopped working in the further.

Once I had done this its time to plug it in and enjoy watching the light change color and play with the mode u like best.

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    Great lamp design. Ping pong balls make good diffusers. I use them with strings of Christmas lights all the time.