Introduction: R...MurphyHotPot


Step 1:

We call this R...Murphy as for some reason it feels Irish, I suppose you could replace
the 1kg of Organic Leek with Cabbage...tasty...

Step 2:

Floury Organic Potatoes like 3kg of King Edwards are a good choice, a Redskin
Spud  gives a more waxy texture, you choose...

Step 3:

Of all the vegetable protein I find 200g of Ham flavour the one.

Step 4:

Vegetable Bouillon for the seasoning, a Bay leaf and plenty of black/green Pepper.

Step 5:

With the seasoning in a large jug add...1litre of boiled Water, stir with a woodspoon till 3Tspoons of Bouillon has dissolved, in with the Bay and Pepper, you can put some of a
100g of Vegan Cheddar Cheese grated into your gravy, save the rest for the top.

Step 6:

Now, in a large oven dish with a lid, layer slices of  Potato-Leek-Potato-Protein ending with Potato.
Sprinkle the Vegan Cheddar you have left on the top of the Potatoes before you put  in the oven.
it just makes a nice change.

Step 7:

Cook in a hot oven with the lid on, take the lid off after half an hour, bake till Potatoes
are soft and top is nicely brown and crispy.

Step 8:

You can cook this dish in a pan on the top of your cooker, just replace the Cheese with a
little Olive Oil, cook it long and slow till your Potatoes fall apart. A good one for a cold day.

Leave to settle and cool for about 10 minutes before serving, serves 5 or six.
A little home made mustard goes well with this meal.

Step 9:

p.s. Construtive critism on this Instructable will be appreciated.

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