"If you do not give him candy, he will destroy your house. He comes from a distant planet where candy is the main source of energy. On a mission to investigate planet earth, he crash landed and is stranded for eternity. The only way for him to survive is to take the candy from homeowners. Those who comply will be saved, those who refuse, have their homes and belongings destroyed.".........

This is Robo Bubba. He is made from 2 cardboard boxes, several sheets of aluminum foil, a basting pan for candy hold, 2 CDs for gauges, crystal squares, several LED Christmas lights, and 1 LED strobe light, and one very hungry sweet tooth child. We used hot glue and silver HVAC tape to hold everything together. It is a heavier costume but with foam inserts for the child's stomach and back and a Memory Foam shoulder wrap, its quite comfortable. Also Pipe insulator foam around the neck and arm holes protect the child from paper cuts. After some research on the internet, Mommy drew up a design. Then over about 30 hrs Mommy and Daddy put everything together. A few test fittings were needed. Our son has practiced his line " I am a robot, Give me all your candy or I will destroy your house! Trick or Treat. Thank You" for over a month. He was really excited to be a robot this year.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    He did get a great haul... Almost 4 full buckets... Mommy and Daddy are only giving him 4 piece of candy per day :)