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MATERIALS NEEDED: Robot sheet, Scissors or Exacto knife, 1 looped piece of tape

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Step 1: Raw Components

Cut the two gray pieces out of the robot sheet, following the outline of the T-shaped piece and the rectangular piece.

Step 2: Foot-piece

Lay the rectangular piece flat on its gray side. On both ends, fold up along the dark gray lines towards the center (that makes 5 folds on each end). Then unfold them to form the curved legs/feet. Turn it over and stand it on its feet, with the gray side facing up.

Step 3: Headpiece

Roll the T-piece (along its length, not its width) into a cylinder. Overlap the paper about half an inch.

Apply the looped tape to the outside of the cylinder to seal it together.

You now have a headpiece, with two eyes and two arms sticking out to the sides. Turn the cylinder so that the arms and the tape are at the bottom. If done correctly, the WHITE side of the arms should be facing up.

Step 4: Coupling

Using the tape, attach the bottom of the headpiece to the center of the foot-piece. The arms should be positioned above the dark gray lines.

Step 5:

You are now a proud parent. Be sure to give your robot an awesome name.

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