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Hi and SALAM to all i am  M SHAYAN from KARACHI,PAKISTAN. this is the video of the robotic arm made by me.This robotic arm is totally handmade i have cutted the parts using a grinder and holes using drill machine. i have user 2 ultra servos on the base,3 normal Futaba servos on the arm and 180 rotating base, and 1 mini servo on the clamper... all the parts are made using ACRYLIC SHEET.. witch this instructable and have an idea to build your own

It would be my pleasure to post step by step , but I haven't shoot the pictures of the construction .

For demonstration i am using a 555 timer made servo controller  to just demonstrate .My future plan will be to interface this robotic arm with pc and controlling it using a pc..
so guys watch it and give your comment and rate it ,u can also ask questions in the comments ..hope u enjoy it just an idea how to make your own

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I think you can stop all the shaking if you use a heavy weight as the base, as well as the parts which are all clearly plexiglass.

    Great job using the servos


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i am using 555 timer ic to control the arm one servo at a time... and the rest of arm design is all by me ...

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