Keep using trash, we made this rock and ROLLING BOT

Let's check it out everyone :D

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Step 1: Preparation

(1x) Toilet paper roll craft (recyclable)

(1x) Motor with gearbox (9v) (reusable)

(1x) Switch (recyclable)

(1x) Battery (9v) (reusable)

(1x) Soldering Iron equipment

(1x) Tin solder wire

(1x) Iron bar

(1x) Hot glue

Step 2: Making Progress

2.1. Make a device

Use soldering equipment to stick motor with switch

2.2. Set up device

Stick device inside the roll craft and make it tight

Plant the battery and fill up by toilet paper

(Use glue to stick if necessary)

2.3. Stick Iron bar with motor

2.4. Stick switch by glue

Step 3: Thanks for Watching

Hope you succeed !
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