** This Instructable is under construction **

UPDATE: Roverbot electronics have been moved from a breadboard to a protoboard.  Battery has been mounted above the rear axle for better pick-up and turning ability.  Roverbot web interface queue has been added along with an admin page for absolute control over the bot during public showings.

Roverbot is a wireless web-enabled RC vehicle made from Truckbot parts.  

Roverbot Parts

Arduino Uno
Arduino Ethernet Sheild
Radio Shack RC Truck
IOGear 802.11n Wifi Adapter
2500mAh 8.4v NiMH Battery Pack
D-Link 932L Day/Night Wireless IP Camera
Ultrasonic Rangefinder

SN75441 Motor Driver (2x stacked+soldered)
Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Roverbot Web Interface 

Quad-Core 64bit PC running Ubuntu Server
Apache 2 w/ PHP back-end scripting

Basic Layout - COMING SOON
Electronics - COMING SOON
Arduino Programming - COMING SOON


Monkeypaws (Aaron) - Design Lead / Arduino Programming 
Soupmeister (Keith) - Senior Design Engineer / Web Coding / Testing
DanDare - Remote video stream hosting
AbstractBeliefs, and the fine folks in #arduino on Freenode IRC Network- Electronics Consulting


(should you be on this list too? Let me know!)

-- Find me on Freenode - "Monkeypaws" in #arduino --

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    You should probably just save your instructable rather than publishing it, since we want to see finished products, and you will not show up in the recent lists when you are done if you publish now, so there's less chance of being featured. Just my thought.