An unsolved puzzle continues since time immemorial, who came first "Egg" or the "Chicken" . Well !! whatever be the answer to the question , eggs remain our all time favorite . Be it our favorite cakes, pasteries, snacks or even art and craft for that matter you will find eggs everywhere. Since the Easter was around the corner so here we have our ROYAL PENGUIN EGGS to grace the occasion.


1. Arjun Singh

2. Akanksha Dixit

3. Priyanka Sachan

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Step 1: Requirements :

To have these little Royal penguins back at your home you will require the following material :

1. Eggs (yolk and albumin removed ) X 2

2. Poster Colors and painting brushes

3. Pistachio's shell

4. Clay (for feet and beak)

5. Markers and color pens

6. Color papers

7. Sparkle Tubes

8. Food wrapping foil

Step 2: Break the Eggs

Now carefully break the eggs from top making a small hole to remove the inner contents.

Step 3: Color All the Parts and Paste Them Together

Color the eggs, pistachio's shells to make wings and clay made beak and feet .

Don't forget to make crowns for the royal couple.

Step 4: Arrange a Setup for Them and There You Go.....

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    It's vary Amazing