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Hey guys! This is my creation, the RP-C V.1, which stands for Red's Compact Pistol. I have been planing this for a while, but never got down and finished it, and it was sort of inspired by the X-39 Gladiator Prototype from BlackShadow12...kinda. It is a FANTASTIC gun, and I am sooooooo happy with it. Lets move on to some stats, shall we?

Range: * * * * * [50 ft (at minimum)]
Looks: * * * *
Mechanism (simple): * * * * *
Mag: * * * *
Internals: * * * *
Comfort-ability: * * * *
Sturdiness: * * * * *

Sharir1701 (for mag)

The gun is fantastic, but could use some work. Tell me what I could improve on, things of that sort. I will be making a video soon, so hold on. XD

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Not my favorite type of gun, but pretty nice work. Lol I love it when people use my stuff. I saw that mag and knew it was something way too familiar. I can't remember where it's from though? And I'm too lazy to check...

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