Really Powerful Knex Gun

Introduction: Really Powerful Knex Gun

About: I have jus gotten my instructables account and i am using it mostly for knex guns, dont forget to rate and comment! :)

     Well, this is the very first Knex gun that i have ever built off of my own mind, and this is my very first post on instructables. Icall this awesome weapon the RPKG-1 or "Really Powful Knex Gun Version 1"   although it may look small, it is really powerful as well as light weight and built with few/not many/very little peices. Sorry that there are no instructions  to make it, but that's because;
                                             1. I just finished building it at 10:30 P.M.
                                             2. I still want to show it to my dad when he gets home from work. 
                                             3. Since i just finished it i want to use it some before i take it apart to show you how to make it
                                             4. It's dark outside since it's so late, and i wanna see how far it really can go. I aready know that it can go up my stairs with great speed and from the furthest distance possible in my house, but that's all I know.
                                             5. I don't even know if there is anyone who even wants to build this, so if you do want me to show you how to build this please say so in a comment.

     Also, I would like to see what IAC, Djradio, seleziona (i thin i spelled that right) and all the other PKBs (Pro Knex Builders) think about this as well.

     Well, it's 1:23 P.M. (the day after I built this gun)  and i just found ot tha it goes 45 feet, now you may think that that's not alot but to be my first gun, its not that bad, especially since it is light weight, so simple and uses so few peices.

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    4 years ago

    I want to build this could you make an instructable on it


    7 years ago on Introduction

    hey guys im making a new knex gun with a really long barrel and no ram, however the barrel is completely closed off. I have room to get my elastic up through the barrel but im not sure how to do it. i can tie a string to the elastic and simply pull on the string which pulls back the elastic, but i need you guys opinions on if i should just pull the string back up the barrel or use a crank for it?