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This laser cut Raspberry Pi enclosure is designed to be beautiful and  easy to assemble. The case is made of 6 pieces that snaps together. No need for glue, screws, nuts & bolts,  flimsy hinges, rubber-bands, or wedges. All the Pi's connectors on the edges are accessible: HDMI, Audio, Video, SD Slot, Micro USB Power, Ethernet, 2 USB ports. There is even a slot for a 26-Pin IDC cable for GPIO pins access. Check out the photos. 

Clear Acrylic ( ~0.096-0.098 inch)

Laser cutter (40W )
Vector Cut: Speed: 70, Power: 90

I included cdr and dxf file format. 
Larger photos are located in my flickr account
I also embed a video of the laser cutter in action in my tumblr page for those who are interested.  

To support my endeavor to keep my designs open source, consider buying this on Esty or donating on my tumblr page.

Don't forget to vote for me if like my work. If I win the laser cutter I will be able to work on projects that are in larger scale and be able to prototype faster. And of course I will continues to share my work in an open source manner.

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6 years ago on Introduction

Really liked this snap together design! I just finished cutting it out at work this evening. Thank you, very much!


6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for making this available...I'm going to attempt to cut a few out of hardboard for our club members. I'll have to tweak the DXF a bit for the difference in thickness.