Make some noise! Drum to entertain kids of all ages.

Step 1: Materials

Recycling an empty crackers can.

Step 2: Also

needed scissors, ribbon, glue, marker.

Step 3: Bambo

about 12 bamboo sticks and a rubber band.

Step 4: Paint

I chose red paint for this project, paint it entirely.

Step 5: Mark

about eight spots inside and at the bottom of the can.

Step 6: Cut

16 pieces of ribbon of about nine inches for the can, and 2 pieces of 22 inches for the bamboo sticks.

Step 7: Put

glue on each piece of ribbon an paste them on the can, securing the bottom and inside the can.

Step 8: Work

in a diagonal pattern.

Step 9: Make

two groups of six bamboo sticks and put a rubber band around.

Step 10: Cut

the point side of the bamboo sticks.

Step 11: Take

one of the 22 inches ribbon, by the center make a knot on one extreme of the sticks grouped, take off the rubber band, and work around de lenght of the sticks and make another knot at the other extreme. Make another one.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This reminds me of all those toys that you have for a large part of your early childhood that you never throw away because you were obsessed with them for so long and could never bear to see them leave.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Add a hanging strap for a marching band! Louder drums can be made from the 5-gallon plastic buckets from paint/drywall compound.

    1 reply