Rabbit Care Info




Introduction: Rabbit Care Info

Hey guys, today I will be showing you how to make your rabbits life good and healthy. Let's get started!

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Step 1: What You Need Inside a Rabbit Cage/run/hutch

What you need in a rabbit cage:

1. Wood chews 2x
2. Litter box ( with plastic wire floors )
3. Hiding hut ( jumbo size for bigger rabbits )
4. Hay rack ( made of wood or plastic, not cardboard )
5. Water bowl ( attached to the wires of the cage so it won't tip over)
6. Litter tray under litter box( for accidents )
7. Food bowl
8. A pet bed
9. A pet mat

Step 2: Supplies You Need to Take Care of a Rabbit

What supplies you need to take care of a rabbit:

1. Vitamins
2. Big brush
3. A fine brush
4. Mites and lice remover spray for rabbits
5. Plastic gloves
6. A half mix solution of half water and half vinegar for cleaning the cage
7. Alcohol for cage
8. Hay
9. A nice good brand of pellets ( I use Vitacraft )
10. A rabbit condo and playpen attached or giant rabbit run
11. Toys made for rabbits
12. Sturdy rabbit food bowl
13. Sturdy water bowl
14. A hiding house
15. A litter box
16. Bedding
17. A mat
18. A pet bed
19. A cold ice bottle for hot days
20. Treats

Step 3: Good Bye Folks From Oreo

In the second photo, he was camera shy. Lol!

Step 4:

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    5 years ago

    Oreo is so cute and looks very happy.