Rabbit Toys - Homemade Rabbit Toy 1




Introduction: Rabbit Toys - Homemade Rabbit Toy 1

This is an easy to follow video about a simple rabbit toy that anyone could make. Your bunnies will enjoy this just make sure that you don't give them too much cardboard at once as this isn't very good for their diet and all that they will do is eat it. I only give them one of these homemade rabbit toys once a week. They have lots of fun by chucking this around in their hutch when I am not outside with them and can keep them less bored!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    actually, rabbits need a certain amount of indigestible fiber constantly. We give ours empty paper towel tubes, sometimes make cool box homes, etc. We once made a huge conglomerate of boxes with holes throughout, it was like a maze inside and was 3 stories tall. We called it the bunny dream home. lol

    Good job on the video! It's good to see other bunny owners concerned about giving their bunnies happy, fulfilled lives. :) Also....Dutch bunnies are my absolute favorite. The one we have right now is Dutch. We've had several Dutch bunnies and I think that they are far more personable than any other breed of rabbits.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I would love to see your bunny dream home !


    Nice idea & nice video! I especially liked that you showed your rabbit actually playing with the finished toy.

    I have wild rabbits in my yard. They don't get toys, but have escape holes under the fence and an upside-down planter box to hide in so the dog can't catch them.