Rabbit Hunting+cooking/survival Kit

Introduction: Rabbit Hunting+cooking/survival Kit

Hello. In this instructable, I will show you how to put together a rabbit hunting+ cooking/survival kit that is small and easy to use. Hope you will enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

Here are some things you will need:

1. A small tote box

2 .small fillet knife (sharp)

3. Twine

4. plastic grocery bag

5. gum (optional)

6. water bottle

7. small water bottle full of cooking oil (for pan-fried rabbit)

8.knife sharpener

9. small container of salt

10. tongs

11. gas lighter

12. 5+ napkins

13. shemagh (very cheap on amazon)

14. flashlight (small)

15. throwing knives (optional)

16. camouflage face mask (enduracool multi-cool: also cheap on amazon)

17. hobo knife (basically, a fork/ spoon/ knife in a Swiss-army knife: also cheap on amazon)

18. hunting pellets (for rabbit: optional)

19. pellet gun (optional)

20. binoculars (large: optional)

Step 2: Putting It Together

First, put the twine and the water bottle in. The twine should be in the grocery bag, and to the far left. The water bottle should be behind the twine, on its side, and also turned to the left.

Step 3: Adding More

Next, add the binoculars. They should be next to the twine on the right side the lenses should be facing outward to the right.

Step 4: The Shemagh

Next, completely unfold your shemagh. Then, in the very center, put your throwing knives (optional), hobo knife, camouflage face wrap, and the small flashlight inside. Then, carefully fold the top down, the bottom up, and roll it up. Then, put it in on the far right on top of the binoculars.

Step 5: Add the Salt

Now, put in the salt container. It should be in the very front of the container (the picture will help), between the twine and the shemagh.

Step 6: The Napkins

Now, get the napkins. Put them in the back, between the twine and shemagh, and next to the binoculars (this sounds complicated, so just look at the picture if it is. Remember: the picture is sideways).

Step 7: The Gum/ Pellets

Now, put the gum facing sideways in the middle of the container , and the pellets on top of the salt. It should leave you with some room.

Step 8: The Fillet Knife

Put the small fillet knife in the very front to the right, where it is next to the shemagh (the picture should help).

Step 9: The Oil

Now, put in the small bottle of oil. It should be in the top-right corner of the container, and next to the shemagh.

Step 10: The Tongs and the Lighter

Put in the tongs at the back of the container, on top of the water bottle. Then, put the lighter in the tongs (away from the oil, of course).

Step 11: Finishing Touches

Now, just put in the knife sharpener (wherever it fits), put the lid on, and your done! (the pellet gun won't fit in the container, so just take it with you.)

Hope you enjoyed! :-)

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    3 years ago

    Cool hunting kit, I like it very much !??