Rabbit Playpen That Will Make Your Neighbor's Rabbit Jealous!




Introduction: Rabbit Playpen That Will Make Your Neighbor's Rabbit Jealous!

This actually used to be our old chicken coop. But when my mom built our cool new one (I'll eventually make an indestructible on it) I took it apart and rebuilt it into an amazing rabbit playpen. It's relatively portable, safe, fun, and comfy for a rabbit. It's also the perfect place to cut your rabbit's nails, so if he escapes, he won't really get away.

This is the instructible for my rabbit cages, in case you want to know how to build them. They're awesome.


It's a super easy build. Anyone would be able to do it. The only really hard part is cutting the wood. And the only reason that's hard for me is because I don't have a proper support for the wood.

Happy building!

(The video was taken before I added the treehouse. It shows my baby bunnies. So very cute :)

Step 1: Buy the Stuff

Get a bunch of furring strips. These are 1" x 3", but you can use any size furring strip, as long as it's 8' long. Well, I wouldn't use really tiny ones.

Two panels will need:
-5 furring strips
-4 2' x 4' chicken wire pieces
-12 1.5" deck screws
-4 eye screws
-2 big-ish zipties
-a bunch of staples

The tools:
-staple gun
-saw (circular/table/hand saw)

And for the whole project:
-2 hook fasteners

Step 2: Cut

Cut all your furring strips exactly in half. Each one should become 2 4' lengths.

Step 3: Screw It Together

Put two screws in each joint.

Step 4: Wire

Staple the wire in place.

Step 5: Eye Screws

Screw the eye screws in place where the red marks are.

Step 6: Zip Tie!

Erect all panels in a circle so that the sharp wire is facing outward. Zip tie every joint except one. You will have to use the hook fasteners as a door here.

Step 7: The Treehouse

I threw together a wooden box out of scrap plywood and wire. I didn't design it; I kinda just let it happen. It wasn't hard. I just used scrap wood and nails. But if you want a prettier box, I'm sure there are good designs for such things online.

The back of the box is attached with eye screws to form a sort of door. It you want, you can make a better door.

And it's nailed to the tree with simple cross beams and nails. My dad's pneumatic nailer made the job really easy.

And, of course, the tunnel leading up to the tree house. It's made with a simple deck board and some 2' wide hardware cloth. I just bent the hardware cloth into a square shape, using the board as the form. Then I stapled the bottom edges of the wire to the sides of the board.

It was easy to cut through the chicken wire and feed the tunnel through. Then I nailed the tunnel to the tree house and fastened some hardware cloth in a unique (a. k. a. jerryrigged) fashion to prevent rabbits from nosing there way out. It's actually really strong.

I set the tunnel on two landscape blocks. Finished!

The bunnies love their tree house.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    An important missing component is a roof or lid on this playpen. A hawk or larger bird can make off with your rabbit in a most gruesome way, even if you are sitting nearby and even if you have a large rabbit. A simple tarp keeps bunny safe and feeling secure. And of course, never leave your rabbit unattended while in the play pen.


    Reply 5 years ago

    We have thought a lot about this problem. However, I believe the rabbits are safe. When I am less than five feet away from the hutch at all times, there's no way a hawk would try to come near. I've had chickens most of my life and I quite a lot of experience. However, if such a pen was out in the open (away from trees) or unsupervised, I think a tarp would be a great addition. Not only for hawk safety, but for the shade of the rabbits.

    By the way, I want to share some exiting news. My bunny is due today! She hasn't had her kits yet, but I expect them by tomorrow.


    Reply 5 years ago

    The kits were born. There are five of them, and it seems like they are Himalayan and REW.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice Heather. It would be cool if you posted a couple of pictures or a video of your rabbits playing in it.


    Brilliant! Simple design, the zip tie eye hooks are nice. I dont have any rabbits but I want one for me.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yup! Thanks!