RaceCar Desk Chair

This is a really easy build. I Bought this chair a while back to fit into a buggy, it turned out to be too big so I decided to make use of it.

The Car chair sits on 2 rails so that it can move forwards and backwards when mounted in a car.


- Square sheet of wood (same size as the base of the chair)
- old RaceCar chair
- base of a desk chair with wheels
- Black paint


- drill
- bolts
- screw driver
- saw 


- Cut the sheet of wood so that it is the same dimensions as the base of the chair.

- Turn the wheel base upside down on the sheet of wood and mark the holes to drill to attach the base.

- Now from the other side of the wood, mark the holes where the chair rails will be bolted. 

- Drill all the holes in the wood and  paint the wood black

- Attach the base to the wood and the wood to the chair with the bolts

- Strap in ;)



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