Racing Seat 2.1 + Passenger Seat




One day we were playing a racing game on the Xbox 360. Had to find out that playin racing games on a little tiny controller is not that much fun. So we came up with the idea to get a racing seat, Force Feedback Steering Wheel with pedals and started constructing and building a need gameseat. We called it Racing Seat 2.1.

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Step 1: Get All the Stuff Together...

I baught following parts:


-Xbox 360 Steering Wheel with Pedals

-Cupholder (illuminated)

-USB/12Volt Charger

-LED string (5Meter) just a cheap one ;)

and of course some plywood, vinyl and carpet, screws, nails, staples, zipties, wire and some beer...

Step 2: Get Started...

My buddy and me had some drinks while brainstorming and doing some drawings. The Basic was pretty straight forward. A shot and some beer later the idea was to add on the cup holder, the usb port and so on and so on...

Step 3: The Base

Cut out the wood, add some "feets" and glue on the carpet. Pay attention to the corners...

Step 4: "Airboxes" Sides

Framework build for the sideboxes.

Step 5: Wiring It Up

(Sorry did not take any pictures of the front end. Maybe will add some later...)

Front area:

Wire up the steering wheel, pedals. Add the speaker cables for the front L/H & R/H side. Add the HDMI, Power Cables (Audio Cables) from the Projector.

Rear area:

in the L/H Box we stowed the electrical components. Such as 12V power supply for LED and USB Charger/Cigarette Lighter, Xbox power supply and all speaker wires. Run cables diagonal for speakers/USB Charger.

Setup the LED Strip. I simply used staples to attache the LED Strip. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH THE STRIP)

Step 6: Some Deatils

The Subwoofer has been mounted underneath the seat. For some more deatiled action ;)

The IR-Sensor has been wired to stick out of the R/H Box.

Everything else is pretty much straight forward.

Step 7: Enjoy

We had a blast building it... and even more playing... ;)

Demo of the LED's (video on youtube)

In Action (video on youtube)

Let me know what you think... But dont tell me i am crazy. My wife already told me that a few times :)

Feel free to leave a comment. THX!

And if you would hit the vote button on the top right you would make my day :)

Step 8: Updated Pictures of Frontbox

Here are some detailed pictures of the front box. Basically i took thin plywood to get the round shape and added some 2x2"s to get the construction. Sprayglued the fabric onto it ;)

Step 9: To Get Fancy... Passengerseat!

Now that we had the entire seat done... where does the passenger seat? Ok lets get him also a nice seat. The construction is almost the same as the driverseat.

Also included the cupholder, LED's and a speaker... Connected to the subwoofer of the driver seat. so that the passenger gets the same ratteling feeling when you hit the curbs.

And integrated a hidden box for the winnerdrink ;)

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    15 Discussions


    3 years ago

    what is the total cost of this seat start to finish?


    4 years ago

    Frickin sweet I want one to play forza on


    4 years ago

    Superb and just the thing that I would love to have in my living room:) to bad it's so expensive to make it like the driving simulators we used to have in the gaming arcades when I was young and before the government in my control it all country banned gambling in all of its ways except for them selves and what they can make money from:)

    1 reply

    That looks fantastic! 'Looks like you're using a Benq short-throw projector - excellent idea. I'll bet it's an awful lot of fun.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Correct. BenQ Short Throw Projector works fine. you do not need to be that far away from the wall. that gives you an ideal cockpit feeling ;)

    And it is a lot of fun.... Big Boys Toys :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! The LED lighting really finishes it off. Was this an expensive project to build since it involves several pre-made components?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Projector - $500 (but can be used also for everything else. Routed second HDMI Cable also to the R/H Box to connect laptop or whatever to watch a Movie.)

    Seat - $350

    Steeringwheel incl. Pedals - $60 used

    Carpet/Vinyl - $50

    Cupholder - $15

    LED's - $18

    Plywood - $20 (or so?)

    Overall i would say it came to roughly $550. Due to the fact that the projector can be used for anything else i dont calculate it ;)