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Introduction: Rad Chair Recycled Rims and Tubes

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Seen the pictures of the fancy ones? Have your own for pennies 
this comfy chair can be built for next to nothing, OR you could buy new rims and tubes for the high class version.
lots of room for creativity here. its all how you build your happy little chair. this is a shabby recycled incarnation.....
* Please click boxes on each picture for the break down of steps*
 -with new tubes this can be aired up for super duty comfort.   the more tubes the more firm the seat.
: list of goods necessary :
2- 26" rims                     10- self tapping screws 
2- 24" rims                       9- valve caps
1- 20" rim                         
8- 20" tubes
2-26" tubes
: list of helpful tools :
Drill                                hacksaw              electrical tape (helps mock up)
⅜ drill bit                       vice grip               grinder 
☞ should i make mistake i will try and correct it. 



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    Very clever and artistic. I has a modern retro look. I know of a potential customer for this chair.

    Very cool, i want one. I'm collecting old rims y every bikeshop that i went.

    Hey, you should put the picture of the finished chair as your main picture. I think you'd get a lot more views and votes. Good luck! This is one of my faves.

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