Rad Thai (Ramen Pad Thai)




Introduction: Rad Thai (Ramen Pad Thai)

Ramen: The very essence of college life.

Ever since I can remember I have loved the stuff. Now that I'm in college, our relationship has become a bit more serious. It is no longer a snack, but more of a staple. The seasoning packet is great, especially with some siracha (siriracha? sriracha? eh watev) mixed in, but it can only go so far. After your 15th packet of ramen or so, you start getting a bit bored of the same old "chicken flaver".

Time to think of a way to start sprucing things up.

What I'm about to present to you has changed my life. Not only is it delicious, but it retains the essence of what makes top ramen so good to begin with: It's incredibly cheap! Furthermore, it has opened me to the vast realm of possibilities with ramen modifications.

It is a delicious modification on the the popular Thai dish of a similar name. It is an ancient recipe passed down from my great grandfather twice removed. So without further ado:

Rad Thai!

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Step 1: You Will Need...

Pack of Ramen (duh)

Siriacha (i give up on spelling)

Fish Sauce (go to a specialty Asian grocery store, its way cheaper there)

Sweet Chili Sauce (same advice as fish sauce)

Peanut Butter (one time my girlfriend bought cashew butter, which i used and liked even more than peanut butter! but its more expensive)

An Egg (technically optional, but highly reccomended)

Some Thinly Sliced Chicken (optional, as it is kind of expensive, and the only non vegetarian item (wait, is fish sauce vegetarian?))

That's it!

The cookware required is very minimal also. You could even probably get away with making this in a dorm room with no kitchen with an electric kettle!:

A Pot (or something to make the ramen in)

A Spaghetti Colander (or some way to strain the noodles)

A bowl, spoon, etc

Step 2: Boil Water/Add Chicken (optional)

Just boil some water and add the chicken to it. Cook it for a few minutes, but its surprising how fast it cooks.

Step 3: Add Ramen Brick

Just throw it into the cesspool.

MAKE SURE you don't add the seasoning packet though! (well, it probably wouldn't matter that much i guess, but I've never done it.)

Step 4: Add Egg

After the ramen is nice and cooked, crack an egg into it and swirl it around a bit. The egg pretty much cooks immediately.

Step 5: Strain It

Immediately after adding the egg, take it off the heat and strain all the water out of it.

Step 6: Add Peanut Butter, Fish Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Siracha

Throw the ramen in a bowl and add everything to taste. Here's some good amounts to start out with:

2 tbsp PB (plus or minus to your taste)

2 tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce

1 tsp fish sauce (be VERY careful with this stuff, it can be quite overpowering)

Little squirt of siracha.

Mix it all up!

Step 7: Eat It! (finally)

Serve it up all nice! Or just eat it from the bowl.

A squirt of lime juice adds a lot to the flavor!

Anyway that's it! It really is surprisingly good, when you get the ratios of sauces just right. If you've liked this instructable, please vote for it!

Also I would love to see any variations/ your own ramen modifications in the comments!


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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Fresh ginger
    Fresh garlic
    Dried pepper flakes
    Extra water
    Add seasoning
    Frozen spinach
    An egg or a packet/half can of tuna/chicken
    Lemon or lime juice

    Sometimes I'll use a bullion cube instead to change up flavour base

    Any mild change is a life savor
    Looking forward to trying yours.


    3 years ago

    This was fun to read :)