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Introduction: RadBear's Workshop...of DOOM!!!!

About: I'm cheap and like to use what I have on hand and I really enjoy taking things apart to salvage parts. Rather than be a precise engineering type of person, I'm more of an enthusiastic tinkerer. Making things...

This is my workshop. The first picture features my workbench. This was made from the bottom half of a vanity I got at the local thrift store and a piece of lumber I got on clearance at Lowes. This gave me six deep drawers within easy reach for tool storage (note ible stickers on drawer fronts) and a great platform to mount my bench vise and drill press to. The knee hole is home to my router and various bits.

The next pic is the storage shelves and containers I use to hold all my bits of salvage that will come in handy...someday. The key to this system is the chart that tells me what parts are in what drawer. I know this is anal but it is the best way I could come up with to find all the cool stuff I know I have.

The third picture is a set of shelves and another piece of thrift store furniture. This is where the majority of my power tools and their chargers live. You'll also see bits of salvage too large to fit in containers and other assorted goodies.

The fourth picture is of my Shop-Vac who is the unsung hero of the shop. Since our dogs have to traverse the workshop to get outside I have to make sure all the pokey bits created by my crafting are picked up to prevent cut paws. I use my magnetic shop sweep for some of this but the Shop-Vac takes on the majority of this burden.

My shop is a little on the small side, but the only true downside is that it is unheated. This makes working the winter tricky. I have a little space heater but on really cold days it just sucks. This where the DOOM part of the title comes in.

The most important tools in my shop however, are my brain and the notebook my wife got me for my birthday. The brain generates the ideas and the notebook is to write them down, otherwise I'll forget. I've found some of the best inspiration comes when I fall asleep thinking about a project. Either as I'm falling asleep (hypnogogic state) or when I'm waking up (hypnopompic state) the next morning sometimes a great idea or improvement to the project comes to me while I'm in this hypnogogic state. (See Zen and the Brain for more info.)



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    Your shop is kinda clean compared to mine where it is hard to tell just when the explosion happened

    Where could I find the Workshop of Justice, the natural complement to the Workshop of Doom?

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    where can you get the parts drawers. i want to get one so i can use it to store electronic components

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    I picked mine up at Sears. They have several sizes and there are various configurations of large and samll drawers. I've found them very handy.

    I'm also of the opinion that everyone should ask for a vacuum at least once in their life. Why? Because it is one of the few gifts you can receive, that when the giver asks how you like it, you can respond by saying "It really sucks!" without being rude.