Hello Fooks,

When we bought our house, we had some windowsills made of marmer and they were hanging down, so I wanted to change that.

So I thought, why can't I make a radiator housing from wall to wall, with a small cabinet in the corner.

So I first made a 3D picture with Google SketchUp to see what I wanted to make.

In Sketchup you really can make things real, and see if things work and how you like it.

After that, I went to the hardware store for some materials ....


These are the materials I used:

  1. MDF made kitchen-top blad (30 cm width)
  2. 2 MDF plates of 18mm thickness (for the standers)
  3. 3 MDF plates of 9 mm thickness ( for the betweens)
  4. 4 lengths of pinewood 44 mm square ( to let the topblade rest on and mounting
  5. 2 piano hinges
  6. 2 doorgrips
  7. 2 cans of paint (one white and 1 grey)
  8. Woodscrews
  9. Woodglue
  10. 1 Darkgrey acrylic sheet
  11. Some impact plugs
  12. 1 can of MDF primer
  13. 3 paintrollers (for each color 1 and 1 for the primer

also some materials that I used:

  1. battery drill machine
  2. normal drill machine
  3. pencil
  4. circular saw
  5. Tapeline
  6. Plump rule
  7. Glue clamps
  8. Workbench

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Step 1: The Making...

First I removed the old windowsill, and I placed behind the radiator some reflectionfoil.

After that was done I placed the workbench on the height that I wanted for my radiator housing,

So that was the measurement for the pinewood on the wall and at the sides....

On the right I wanted some shelfs in the cabinet so I placed 2 side plates, the left one with a hole inside for using the radiator.

Then I made 4 Legs, from double 18 mm MDF.

I also made 6 horizontal plates of 9 mm MDF.

When I checked if everything fitted, I first Primered all legs and plates.

After that I painted the backsides of the legs and plates before I screwed everything on the place.

After that I painted everything White.

Then I made the doors and legs in the Cabinet.

At least I painted the middle legs grey and glued the acrylic in the doors.

With piano hinges I installed the doors, the grips, and my housing was ready!

Step 2: The Finishing Touch...

At Least I putted the plants back on, and I had some LED lights with WIFI controller, so placed them under the top for some nice lightnings.....

I hope u enjoyed it and makes you inspired to make one on your own

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