Radio Flyer Wagon Lights




Introduction: Radio Flyer Wagon Lights

I added LED lights to the front and back of my sons radio flyer to illuminate the groud when we go out at night and also to be visible to traffic.

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Step 1: Items Used in This Project

Below are parts and tools used in this project, some of the parts I already had so I made use of those.

• Radio Flyer wagon.
• Mini Rocker Switch
• 6 x AA battery holder (from Arduino kit)
• 18 gauge wire (The thicker wire made it easier when running from the back tires to the front.)
• 2 x strips of Triangle Bulbs Waterproof LED Light 3528-IP65-White-60L, 12V.
• Soldering station
• Hot glue gun
• Painters tape
• Wire hanger
• Heat shrink tubing
• Wire Cutters / Wire Strippers
• Drill
• 3D Printer (optional)
• Spray Paint (optional)

Step 2: Determine Placement for Everything

I chose to place the LED strips between the back tires and from tires so that it can illuminate the ground and also protect the strips if you go off a curb or stair and it scrapes the bottom.

I cut the battery holder in half so that it can fit into the existing hole at the bottom of the wagon and glued the two parts together. I then bent the wire that connects the two batteries at the fold to make sure that they remained in series. I also cut a hole in the front of the wagon to install the rocker switch which turns the lights on and off.

Step 3: Run the Wires and Connect Components

I drilled the holes for the wires at the back of the wagon and the front by the wheel. I used the metal hanger as a guide and ran it from the back to the front (this probably took 30 minutes with one person). After the hanger exited through the front, I taped the wires to the hanger and pulled them through from the back to the front.

Then I soldered all the wires and used heat shrink tubing to protect them. (I accidentally switched from red wire to black on the switch and by the time I noticed it I didn't feel like undoing the connection.)

I used hot glue to plug up all the holes I drilled and also used hot glue to route the wires in the front and keep them organized.

Step 4: 3D Print Cover for Battery

Lastly, to hide the wires and protect the batteries I printed a cover. Then I spray painted the cover to blend into the rest of the wagon color but since its at the bottom, it doesn't really matter.

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    2 Discussions

    What an awesome safety feature, and it makes it look so stylish as well! Awesome job sharing your process too! Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you! I've been checking out other people's projects for a while so I thought I'd post mine.

    Now if I can only find more stuff to post :) .