Radio Pirate

Introduction: Radio Pirate

In this proyect our theme is to transmit a Fm signal by using a raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

1 raspberry Pi 3

1 usb conector for a microphone

40cm of wire used as a anthene

1 battery

Step 2: How It Works?

  1. The clever folks at Imperial College London have created some C code and a Python wrapper that allow you to do just this. The download even includes the theme from Star Wars to play as a sample.

All you need is a short length of wire attached to GPIO pin 4. A female-to-male header lead will work just fine for this. In fact, it should work with the radio right next to your Pi without any kind of antenna—such is the strength of the transmission.

Step 3: Steps:

1. Get the raspberry Pi with all its pieces in their place

2. Connect with the usb conector the microphone if you want to transmit in live your signal

3. Get programmed the raspberry using the software PiFM so It allows to transmit the signal by the raspberry

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