Radio Controled Wheel Chair (The Beast)

About: I'm looking for other people with the same idea's or better idea's then I have. if your in town or like what I have made just let me know as I can always change parts on the beast.

parts list to "The Beast"    4x 12V 18ah Battery's (you can use bigger 'ah' if you have the charger for them) 1x "Sabertooth dual 60A motor driver" from ..... I found out that the motors on this wheel chair base will use more then 12A - 25A at one time, the 60A is best for the power use.  1x "wireless winch controller" 12V on (up to you on type) The knobby tires are from Ebay as well and 1x Winch motor reversing solenoid contactor relay 6 Term, Ebay also. It's up to you on how big of a radio you want to use for yours, I went with a 2ch the winch controller has it's own remote.... Ok the how..... use 2x 12V 18ah (you need heavy wire here to handle the high flow of power)  to get 24V for the main part of the chair. The battery's feed the Sabertooth motor controller and the Sabertooth  will feed power to the receiver. Now as you can see in the pic's the receiver is wired to the Sabertooth  and the chair motors are as well. The 3rd motor on top is by it self with winch controller ( DO NOT use the 2nd set of battery's for the winch controller on the Sabertooth or you will lose control of your project) Now for the winch controller and motor..... The last 2x battery's are wired for 24V as well But you wire the winch controller as 12V or you will burn it out.... the 24V will go the "motor reversing solenoid contactor" and then to the motor. Also I use my "Beast" to move trailer's around the yard and to pull a lawn mower for yard work and when there is snow out here I will redo the arm with the hook so I can put a home made snow plow on there, any other idea's???? YOU MUST fallow all your wiring instructions for your set up.. I just added a new pic of the beast, this is a snow plow blade I found on a scarp run... it works but is not done (we just had 6" of snow from 10-27-2013---10-29-2013)...Any question's????  feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can.  



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am doing a very similar project making a wheelchair remote control. I have a few things I have questions about however. The wires that are coming out of the motors, did they come with the 4 wires or were they all together and you separated them? My wheelchair motors have one large wire coming out of each and then a plug at the end, I assume that all the wires are inside that one bundle but I was just curious as to whether or not mine was just different. Also what made you decide on the sabertooth 2x60 over the 2x25? I was considering getting the 2x25 until I saw a few people using 2x60's for their projects.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for the for the motors there was 4 wires on mine BUT,,, I took off the 12v brake on the end of my motors as I had one hang up and to save power. You mite want to redo the cover going to the motors so you know what wire goes where. As with any ac-dc motor or bigger there will be 2 main wires (or more) to give it power and with them electric wheel chairs there should be 2 small wires for the brake and 2 bigger ones for the motors. Now as for the sabertooth the 2x60 is best because of the amps that the electric wheel chairs use (they can use over 25 amps fast),,,, also there is less chance of blowing out the controller as the 2x60 has a fan to keep it cool. Yes the price is steep for the sabertooth 2x60 but in the long run it's money well spent (and you item will not be doing the jerking thing as the controller resets from over loading)<---- I found this out the hard way and did not like it.